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Sandy Healing With Smoke Dance 3 Create the best life possible for yourself.

Be empowered with
Intuitive and Shamanic Healings
  Creating a better life Create a beautiful life
from your center of spirit.
FaithHealer  Awaken the Divine Within.
Integrate your sacred self with
Spirit and Soul Extractions and Retrievals
  Vision Quest 1, 2, and 3 Day Vision Quests
Find your truth and inner spirit
sensitive Training for Sensitive People
Individual and Group Sessions available.
  Leader Retreats for Evolving and Emerging Leaders: Create a lasting legacy by fulfilling your spirits role in life!
Retreat Testimonial:
"It was awesome, a great getaway weekend. A lot of it has to do with getting to know yourself, flushing away all the crap inside of you and having peace. You learn more about your soul and spirit."  Mellisa Hollingsworth, Olympic Athlete
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  Healing Testimonial:
"Absolutely incredible!  I feel so much better!  What a gift Sandy has!  I thank you so very much."
Jon Montgomery - 2010 Olympic Gold Skeleton  Sandra in the News
Canadian Olympic "Skeleton team leaves no shaman stone unturned"
written by Terry Bell, Canwest Olympic Team February 17, 2010
Sandra on the Radio
With Liara Covert as an intuitive healer and 1560 the Game as a Sports Shaman.
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  Waking Up The West Coast

"Sandra is recognized for her advanced intuitive and shamanic healing abilities, distant healing, and profound knowledge."