Journeying and Sacred Space - Workshop Details

Sandras Picture of Shamans Cave

These classes are currently taught individually or for group or work settings of your choice.
Please call to book a time that is convenient to you.
$125 per person* (if only one person) or $150 per group* per hour.

*Includes healing.

* Please pre-register by emailing or calling Sandy.
* I will provide organic tea and water.
* Please have some water and fruit or vegetables before you arrive, to prime your energy.

During this workshop we will cover the following:
Setting up a sacred space
Learning to journey
3 different types of travel - we will experiment with each of the 3 different types of travel.

Please bring:
Something to lay on (you can bring a pillow, towel, yoga mat)
A small blanket
Something sacred you *you will not be asked to show anyone your sacred item*.