4 Day Vision and Spirit Quest
    "Truly Remarkable."
4 day vision and spirit quest picture of clouds

Purified water, organic tea, fruit and vegetables provided

(Organic buffalo and other meat dishes will be included for those that request meat in advance)

Learn beneath the forests and sky.

Explore the deepest parts of your self and spirit, through journeying, fasting, communing with nature: talk with spirits, work with Power Animals, and ascertain your power symbols, get in touch with your inner healer and shamanic self.

Learn from community and individual experiences.

4 day Spirit Quest Schedule
(Schedule will be expanded and finalized at a later date)

Day 1
6:00 AM – Noon The start of your personal journey.  Drive out to our destination and pitch our tents.  Enjoy a nice lunch together. Get to know your fellow participants and have a great time discussing your ideas and expectations.
  A description and explanation of the days to come, followed by a question period and overview of expectations.
  Scout out meditation spots for the afternoon, and prepare for the following days to come. 
6 pm – 8 pm Dinner and an overview of similar shamanic rituals and a history of shamanism
Explanation of the different methods to induce shamanic visions
Group discussion and individual work to clarify aim of your vision quest
  Form friendships and community in which to share your experiences with on day 4.
8 pm-9 pm Meditation and prayer. Invoke Spirit and helpers to lend us a hand in the following days.
Day 2
Morning Start off with a light fruit breakfast
10 am Group work
Purify your spirit and solidity your intentions
Invoke the elements, benevolent spirit guides, and ancients, to aid you on your journey
Noon Lunch
2 pm Individual group work
Walk to the place where you will commune with your inner-self, the lower, middle, and upper worlds, and spirits. Pick a place that you feel guided to, safe and powerful in or drawn to
Day 3
7pm Regroup the following day at sunset for prayers, meditation, and group bonding, discussion and feast.
Day 4
Contemplation and Discussion
9:00 am Paint, draw or write about your experiences and the relevant spirits and symbols gathered during your personal journey.
Noon Share your experiences with each other, process and discuss possible meanings of experiences over a scrumptious feast.
1:30 pm Closing ceremony and release:
  Shamanic ritual to symbolize the ending and departing of our vision quest.
  Thank the spirit guides and Spirit and each other for the magnificent experience.
2 pm Pack up and drive home
  Healing available by request: before, during and after event (spots fill up fast, so book your time in advance)
  Be prepared
  Journal and pen
Drawing or painting supplies
Water bottle and snacks
Rain and cold weather clothes
Hat, windbreaker, hiking boots,
Comfortable clothing, bathing suit, towel
Insect repellent, suntan lotion
Flashlight or head lamp (to write in your journal or read in the dark, and walking around at night)
A sacred item that you would like to have during your vision quest.

*You may want to bring a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and pillow for outdoor work
  Resort or Camping
  Depending on location and your unique situation