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Sandra, Thank you so much. What a rush you've given me. Thank you for caring. I cannot tell you how much I value the kind of work you do, but your spirit is what really makes it so awesome. Thank you for doing what you do because it's changing this world and it's what's helping me get there and to finally help others as well along the way. Thank you. I can feel the love from you and I hope you feel it back. :)
Gina 2/16/2011  


"Excellent I'll be coming back. Made me feel better.  Thank you!
Julia Oct 30, 2008

This was a very helpful and powerful session.
Amy Oct 29 2008

"I felt a great healing! She is wonderful!!

"I have been feeling this tightness around my heart for a while and I felt like I could not breathe. She made me calm. I haven’t felt this way for so long.  Thank you"
Ken Oct 20, 2008

You understand me very well, Sandra.  Thank you a million times.  How could you know so much of what I was experiencing and feeling and going through?"
Jody, Oct 13 2008

Sandra was very good... very accurate and kind... extremely good healer, could feel the healings working. Will defiantly be back for more of this lovely lady heart.
Randal Oct 24 2008

"What a wonderful, beautiful healing. Sage was also so very generous with her time in listening to my issues and giving very good advice and help.  Thank you so much!"
Kia June 7, 2008

"Thank you for being brave in handling my energies. I am aware of their strength and I am learning to control them. You have beautiful healing ability and I do recommend you to everyone who needs uplifting and cleansing. Love and light to my friend."
Wendy - Psychic August 10, 2008

"She was willing to go outside of her norm and provide deep and meaningful information. Thank You!
NC August 6, 2008

This is one session that I really felt I needed to heal myself and the one I love.  I will be back."
Thomas July 30, 2008

"Very fine healing, thank you"
Taia  July 30, 2008

"Always great.  Give her a call.  More than Excellent!"
July  29, 2008

"I felt very comforted and supported by everything she had to say. A genuine, honest, and sincere person whom you can trust. Highly recommended."
Laine Jul 13, 2008

"Always excellent"
Tara Jul 10 2008

"I am so glad Sandra is here, when I needed her - a real source of beauty, strength, calm and peace. Her loving energy is uplifting to the heart and spirit."

Deepa Jul 9, 2008

"Excellent! Thanks great healer of old wounds!"
Rayla July 7, 2008

"5 star extraordinary session. Beautiful and accurate beyond words.
You were excellent. I feel and realise that you gave me a lot, my first experience.
I have a lot to work with too. "

Jamila June 26, 2008 (after session)

"I can't say enough. I feel thoroughly satisfied and I will be back for more.

During the session she picked me in a red dress which I will wear tonight, I was shocked. She worked on pulling me out of dark depths in my soul where I had succumbed and had become filled with depression.

I feel much lighter after the session and lots of guidance on coming out of the rut I was in.

I think I've hit the jackpot. Thank you so much Sandra."

Jamila June 27, 2008 (much later after session)

"Thank you Sandra! :) That healing was awesome and made me feel so much more confident about everything. I wish you much happiness in your life as well!!"
Erica June 25, 2008

"Excellent! Very enlightening every time! She asks the right questions!"
Rayla June 25, 2008

"I love her. Sandra is the one to see to come to do the work ! Best time and money spent. Thank you. I will be back.  Blessing of love and light."
Martha, June 23, 2008

"Outstanding as usual!"
Marie, June 22, 2008

"Sandra is very very good...very knowledgeable!"
Kim June 21, 2008

"She is very understanding and willing to help. I am looking forward to hear from her about her work."
Tanya, June 17, 2008

A real gem - beautiful, sublime and deeply inspiring"
Henry, June 17, 2008

"I was just talking about you last night and what great journey's you give! (I truly am looking forward to our next one!)"
Maria June 17, 2008 

"Sandra/Sage  is not only extremely gifted in picking up on what is happening in my life, she is extremely compassionate and loving. I can't tell you how much she has helped me in my situations, very clear guidance and very useful guidance. I always feel uplifted after talking to her and always feel like what I needed to be healed was healed and that is why I come back over and over again, I just love her!"

Cassie June 15, 2008

"Beyond words, every time I come back it's always fresh and different and Perfect for me. I love you Sandra!"
Andrew June 15, 2008

"Great Energy, very honest!"

Rayla June 15, 2008

"WOW..she is the COOLEST!
She is so Healing and understanding. You must try her!"

Rayla June 8, 2008

"What a wonderful, beautiful healing.

"Sandra was also so very generous with her time, in listening to my issues and giving very good advice and help.

Thank you so much!"

Kia, June 7, 2008

"Sandra is such a wonderful, kind, sincere person.
I love my sessions.  It's like a "tune up" for my body, mind, & spirit."

Dani June 3, 2008

Wonderful!!! Thank You. More than I expected. It was meant to be that I talked to you tonight. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! "

Dani May 22, 2008

"Deep but very positive... "
May 14 2008

Shamanic Training Session:

"Amazing session!

I am so glad I contacted you tonight. You taught me so much in such a short period of time. I am going to follow your advice and practice with it.

I will definitely contact you again. Thank you very much!"

Peggy May 14, 2008

Healing Session:

"A True Healer!

Sandra gave me the best healing of my life. She literally was able to help me visualize this and feel it, it was very miraculous, I received messages and visualizations and I know for a fact that huge changes took place in my life as a result of this session with her.

I am very grateful and I will definitely keep in touch with her.


Thank you Sandra, God Bless You!"

Marie, March 31 2008

Unsolicited Client Testimonials (2008 Online Healing and Vision Work)

"You do amazing work...  You are exceptionally gifted and a wonderful intuitive healer. "

"Fabulous experience."

"I found the session very interesting, informative and helpful and it gave me more clarity."

"Good vibes, nailed things well health-wise, very kind."

"Excellent beyond words!"

1) Your work saved me! Thank you.

2) Very helpful and empathic, great advice.

3) Excellent connection, thank you for caring. Much love and blessings.

4) Excellent Sandra.

5) Your work was very nice, and so healing and accepting.

6) Outstanding. What a wonderful healing session. Thank you very much for your guidance

Thanks Sandy, it was the best session so far. Each healing is so good, and gets better and better.

8) I enjoyed it. Thanks Sandy, that was wonderful. It felt so good.

9) You are an exceptional healer and very gifted woman.

10) A must try. Immediate results.

11) Deep

12) Superb healer. Very patient and in-tune. Only got good vibes from her. Highly recommended!

13) Outstanding. What a wonderful healing session. Thank you very much for your guidance.

14) She was very helpful in guiding me through a blockage. Thanks.

15) Absolutely excellent! She is a gem for sure. Try her, you will see what I mean.

16) Very helpful. Empathic. Gives great advice. Thanks

17) Very wise.

18) I am new to this, but it was a great introduction into energy healing... she is also a lovely person to talk to and very caring. thank you for your help! :)

You are quiet incredible with how you tap into things. Janet - Australia

20) You understood my need so well without me having to tell you what it was that I desired and craved. Janice

21) Wow that was amazing. If you manifest healing so well, just think of what you could do for manifesting abundant wealth.

22) Absolutely wonderful. She is a precious healer, I am so happy I entrusted myself to her healings. Profound and beautiful. I am so grateful, thank you again!

23) Words can't describe how wonderful my session was!!! Amazing! Beautiful! Everyone needs to feel this good! :-)

24) "Sandy was very sweet and loving, and I found a connection with her. I will most likely be back later."

25)  "Profound and beautiful. I am so grateful, thank you again!"

26) Thank you so much. that was absolutely profound. I felt the healing take place and I felt my body heat up throughout, thank you for guiding me through that. :)

27) T
hank you so much for everything tonight. You are a true healer and I'm glad to have spoke with you tonight!!

"Words cannot describe what remarkable session I had with Sandy! The energy flow was powerful and divine. The guidance I was given was very wise and profound. Your amazing gift have helped me tremendously! THANK YOU!"

29) I felt very different and much better after our session

30) Again outstanding. I feel a lot more at peace with myself and the "inner chatter" has quietened considerably.

31) "Sandra creates positive change with immediate results."

 Unsolicited Client Testimonials (in person, 2006-2007)
"I have something I have to share which is really cool.
I was just with my homeopath... He looked at me in amazement ... he couldn't believe the progress that that I have made in a short 6 to 7 weeks.   He said wouldn't have expected this type of progress from anyone, unless it had been maybe 3 or 4 months. So I know it has something to do with the work that you and I did together on me...I just have to say thank you again, I am just absolutely so impressed with everything we accomplished...  I told him what we worked on too and he was really excited about it."
Clients name withheld for reasons of privacy

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  Naturopathic Client
Erik Olesen

“Sandy is a very gifted intuitive and healer. I recommend her highly."
Erik Olesen, Psychotherapist and Author, www.strongu.com

    "Thanks So much Sandy, you really helped me with my confidence."
Younger client. Name withheld.
  Young Client

"Hi Sandy... My girlfriend is in town and she was wondering who to get a reading from.  I figured I know just the person. You! Thanks."

    "Don’t even think about it, see Sandy today. Sandy is a very powerful healer. She knows what she is doing and she will heal you.  Sandy has helped heal me and her healings are terrific. Sandy, I just want to let you know, what you did that day, I could feel it occurring, and it was very effective."
Erika Dennison, Spiritual Healer
  Erika Dennison
Taron - Nurse  

"Thank you very much for Wed. Definitely a lot of shifting, and a lot of moving and a lot of contemplation. I definitely felt a lot and it has helped me. I want to say thanks and thank you very much for your support.

Taron, Nurse

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“Thank you Sandra. Right away I felt invigorated and motivated. I slept soundly for the first time since moving to my new location, and I awoke feeling empowered once again, thanks to Sandra’s special treatment. I didn’t expect to feel this way, but I felt rejuvenated and fresh.”
Sherri, Spa Owner 

  Sheri Spa Owner
Teri Triathlete  

Your hot and cold stone massage and energy healing was awesome, I melted. I could feel it working all night, and I woke up feeling so good. I had a great training week, and I have you to thank for it.
Teri, Triathlete


I have lots to tell you. After just one treatment I no longer worried all the time, and I used to spend a great deal of time worrying before seeing you. This lasted for at least 6-8 weeks and I also noticed that I was motivated a lot more.   I wasn’t tired after workouts. I felt energized, where normally my workouts would leave me feeling exhausted and wiped out. My worries were in the past, my back no longer hurt, and I went out and explored in ways I never had before.
Keith, Model and Athlete

  Keith Model and Actor