Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine Sandys Earth Goddess Gaia

This is where it all started for me.
The healing
The abilities
The learning

Gaia - Goddess of a thousand names gave me

The ability to go ahead and make things beautiful
Spend time with the sacred
The ability to know and understand and touch everything inside of me

She was there for me
My Goddess
My Earth

She healed me
She gave me strength

and in return I became strong
and I healed others

I healed the earth
I healed the people
I healed trees and plants

And with this remembrance,
I return to Her.

That One
the One with a thousand names

I give to Her
I grieve for Her
I give flight of ecstasy for Her

And I dedicate this site to her and to myself and my own divine feminine and to yours as well

May all of you be honoured, may you feel the touch of the goddess

May you shine in her presence
May you be loved
May you walk in her shadows (of trees and beings and buildings and mountains and clouds)
May you be healthy

And may you feel Her presence always and be warmed, nourished, creative and well cared for.
May you be honoured and may you honour Her.

Please join me for workshops, rituals, and ecstatic moments, as I honour the Goddess
Within me, within you, within everybody and everything, and may we take power from this

May everything we do shine in Her beauty!

Sandra Molendyk