Healing our future through our past

Past, Present & Future - Your Life
Other (Past) Lives
The Lives Around You
Forgiveness & Moving Forward Ceremonies
Death & Rebirth Ceremonies
Healing our Inner Child

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Past, Present & Future - Your Life

Heal and learn from your past, present & future
Remove ailments from your past, present & future
Heal painful memories and hurtful situations while nourishing your past so that your past, present and future life is happier, healthier and more complete.
Implant positive, loving and healing energies into your past, present and future.


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Other (Past) Lives

Do you ever wonder about your other lives? Do you know their stories? Do you know what held them back or what troubled? Wouldn't it be nice to know what inspired and empowered them or what type of special skills they might have?


Angel Healing


The Lives Around You

By working with the greatest common denominator instead of fear and the small shells of life, we will work with your Higherself and the Higherselves of others in a non controlling way, to bring about healing.

Please note: Our work will benefit everyone involved in a positive way with the wills and blessings of each individual involved.


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Forgiveness & Moving Forward Ceremonies

Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting what has happened to you, or to someone else, of forgetting something done.

Forgiveness is about finding peace with the moment and reconciling your actions or another's actions and finding understanding with yourself (and/or another) so that you can move on to a better life.

Although it is easy to hold a grudge against yourself/others, it isn't easy to bear the weight of feelings that often accompany these memories. These memories have a way of becoming something bigger, often getting in the way of future happiness or success. Forgiving allows you to evaluate what has happened and find peace with the past so that lives benefit, your life included. As long as you hold yourself or others down, others will hold you down too.

Even if this is only in your own mind, it can have severe consequences in your life and your performance and ability to succeed and feel good about yourself.

And then sometimes, you need to go a bit further with your forgiveness and start fresh and anew. While other times, forgiveness can trigger in you a little death and a great big rebirth inside of you.


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Death & Rebirth Ceremonies

Death is a beautiful thing. It signals the end of a ride and a change of course. Rebirth doesn't happen with out the death rite. A coming into your own, doesn't usually occur without a death of what you were not.

Death and Rebirth Ceremonies are rites of passage, for the new you. Sometimes, these passages can be about actual death, but mostly it just feels like it. These rites of passage, connect us to our natural cycles, the next stages in life between child and young adult, a young adult and a knowing adult to an accomplished adult. It allows us to change between being a hair dresser and a figure skater into an entrepreneur or world class lecturer, from child into sibling into spouse into parent.

Often, in most cultures these rites of passage come with their own ceremony: a promotion, a marriage, a funeral, a loss of virginity and birth, a death of a child, a death of your younger-self or your inner child. These deaths of our past selves are often needed in order to move on from thinking and providing for ourselves into becoming caretakers of a spouse, parent, child or company.

Sometimes, these changes come too fast, or they are forced upon us and we don't feel that we prepared enough for what has happened and we can get stuck in the past.

This is when we remember our Inner Child.


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Healing your Inner Child

As you well know, we sometimes do things we really wish that we don't. For instance, some of us smoke, drink, over eat. Well what if this was a child that you were taking care of? If that child was stressed would you give that child a smoke or a beer? What are the stresses that cause you to have these triggers? How would you act differently if you were able to act as a parent to your own inner child? What does your inner child really need and want?

Often our inner child has much to tell us about past situations. Often we wish that we can go back and tell our own inner child something or protect our inner or younger-selves. You can communicate with your younger self and inner child, and I can help you with this.

As with all of these healings, healing your inner child and younger-self can help you to make so much progress with understanding who you are now and why you do what you do. Most importantly, healing your inner child can allow you to find much confidence and strength in your own existence so that you can step up to the plate, succeed in your life for yourself and others. You can also realize what success really means to you compared to what you thought success meant, this allows you to shift courses towards your own personal model of success and happiness in life.

Help others, but live for yourself, and  walk the path that your own feet are walking on with with self respect and happiness.