Earth Mother Ceremonies

"Connect deeply with your own spiritual existence, your community and the world."

Earth Mother Picture of Globe in Hands

 Ritual for Gaea/Pachamama/Earth Mother
and the Animals, Spirits, and People of the Earth.
Every last Saturday of the month.
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

I will be asking that you make 3 offerings, for this ritual and journey:
· 1 to yourself
· 1 to your family
· 1 to your community (local or global).
I will start with a meditation to bring calm into yourself, by invoking the elements, sorting the elements and then brining the elements back into you in a calm and beautiful manner.
We will then light the fire, have some wine and place the bundle in the fire. We will stay with the bundle until it is fully burned, and then we will give the bundle to the sea.
We will be creating a bundle to burn in a small fire, containing offerings that we will provide. I will bring gifts such as sage and cedar, lavender, leaves, candies and other special gifts, and I would like to invite you to bring something special that you feel would belong in the bundle.

*** This bundle is to be burned so please do not put anything in the bundle that you want to get back.***
You can bring things such as little stars and glitter - my Peruvian shaman friends say is "essential" to any bundle being offered.
For instance you could bring: wine, flowers, old letters, coffee, or other significant or small belongings that you believe is special in your offering to Mother Earth.
If you would like to bring some food or drink that is portable for yourself or to share, please do so.
Also, it has been raining, and I intend to go on with the ceremony no matter how wet it is. Please bring appropriate footwear as we will be walking on rocks to get to the beach. Bring a jacket and something to sit on while you meditate. You may want a blanket to cover yourself with if it is cold.
I ask that you join me in love and companionship, and a unique desire to get together to honour ourselves and our loved ones and community.
You are welcome to bring your own loved ones. Please call or email if you have any questions.
To pre-register contact:
Sandra Molendyk at 778-861-7243
or email healing AT sageandcedar DOT ca