Sensitivity Training (healing and course work)

This course and energy healing is for folks who are sensitive to energies, emotions, and other influences. This course and energy work is also meant for people who want to learn how to understand other people who are sensitive, to help others who are sensitive and sometimes overly sensitive, or to gain sensitivity towards others.

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Being sensitive can often be a huge burden to shoulder for both the sensitive person and the others around them.  Sensitive people can be easily hurt emotionally or they can tend to become rough, tend to give the cold shoulder or become hermits in order to avoid getting their feelings hurt, or to avoid conflict. Others may also try to avoid sensitive people so that they do not hurt the sensitive person, or because they too want to avoid conflict.

Others may try to speak differently trying to "walk on pins and needles" making the sensitive person have to become even more sensitive to understand what is going on or hurt because people don't seem to say what they really mean. This usually leads to a break down in communication and even more hurt feelings in the end.

It might not seem like it, but a sensitive persons needs are not usually taken care of. The reason for this is because the sensitivity may seem more important at the time, where as the real needs become trivial in comparison. A sensitive's family, friends and coworkers also may stop being able to care for their own needs or work in order to care for the sensitive person. Or the sensitive person may wind up taking on more than their share of the work because they are aware of other peoples needs (worries) and try to take it all away for them as a favour. Even if the favour is unwanted, it is in a sensitive's nature to try to please and take on the burdens of others because they understand burdens and pain so much.

We will work together to discover your true self and the expression of yourself so that you can begin to walk your own path. This will allow your inner voice and person to shine over the louder voices, feelings and other sensations that may currently rule your life. Leave with a sense of greater self-esteem and self-reliance.

Sandra will teach you to live outside of yourself, larger than yourself, and inside yourself at the same time.

    Aura expansion and retraction
    Working with Chakra imbalances and realization of your powers
    Visualizations of self and place in universe compared to others
        ...and much more tailored to your own needs and personality.