Align your Passion, Inspiration and Spirit with
Shamanic Harmonization

shamanic harmonization

Shamanic Harmonization can be part of another healing or a powerful healing all on its own. I like to spend about 5-15 minutes on a harmonization. This type of healing is classified as "short and strong".

With Shamanic Harmonization's, I call into existence the cosmos around you.  Next I deeply center you into the love, acceptance and wonderment of your cosmic heaven and I align your heart and mind and soul. I will then call home your ancient and powerful soul and spirit parts that have been disconnected. In this regards, Shamanic Harmonization's is a mini but powerful version of a full spirit retrieval , in a very short action packed healing.

When your soul and spirit is complete, you will create so much more potential, it is like opening up to a vast piece of heaven and bringing it down into your life for the rest of your life. This ritual is very peaceful and contemplative and very powerful.

This ritual is very "in your head", but it also will be deep felt inside your body and make way for your spirit to reside inside of you. I intend to include a video of a shamanic harmonization, shortly after I am finished with my new website.

All of my work is very powerful, sometimes subtle, but mostly profound. This healing is on the more deeply profound level. You are creating this vast space within yourself for your spirit to fully reside in, so that everything that you do is an extension of your spirit.