Manifesting a beautiful life from your center of spirit

"I experienced instant and dramatic changes."
"Burdens were lifted off of me and saved my life."
These changes are profound and life changing. I am very pleased"

Create a beautiful life

These classes are currently taught individually or for group or work settings of your choice.
Please call to book a time that is convenient to you.
$125 per person* (if only one person) or $150 per group* per hour.

*Includes healing.

Nourishes your spirit, soul and physical body.  I will provide you with simple, easy to work with tools that allow you to create a great life.

These tools consist of:
    Understanding the difference between Ego versus Spirit driven manifestation
    Creating a safe sacred space to manifest our beautiful life
    Breathe work
    Letting go of expectations, restrictions, past failures, hurt and other random barriers that hold you back
    Connecting to source energy
    Becoming crystal clear spirit vessels
    Creating an abundant mind set
    Connecting and filling yourself with your divine spirit
    Creating a state of successful and beautiful manifestation directed from your divine self

This workshop is very healing!

Please bring:
    Something to lay on (you can bring a pillow, towel, yoga mat)
    A small blanket
    Something sacred you *you will not be asked to show anyone your sacred item*.

* Availability fills up quickly, please pre-register early by email or by calling Sandy at 778-861-7243.
* I will provide organic tea and water.
* Please have some water and fruit or vegetables before you arrive, to prime your energy.