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Chakra Balancing

Get rid of the pain. Find balance, harmony and empowerment!

If you are feeling pain, chances are you are concentrating on the painful area. Some might call this concentration of energy in one area ``stagnant energy``, and it can actually cause more pain.

The build up of energy and pain can be released with Chakra Therapy. Chakra Therapy can involve: opening the chakra, moving energy in the chakra, moving energy outside of the chakra, closing the chakra, healing damaged chakras, healing the interaction between chakra`s, your aura, and physical body, and much more.

Each of your chakra`s has a different energy task. For instance, will power, self control, love, healing, communication, leadership, universal acceptance and grounding. If your chakra(s) become blocked, you might not be able to experience the wonderful and delightful gift that each of these chakra's has to offer you.

About the Colours and Functions of the Chakras
I tend to see the chakra`s as colours of the rainbow and enjoy working with this system. I also include silver, gold, bronze and a few other colours in other areas, as well as invisible and clear chakra`s.

The root chakra is a vibrant red colour. Your root chakra is your center of grounding and connection to Earth and its inhabitants. The root chakra helps you to be centered, and present in the real world. If you are having problems with this area it can cause lower back pain, hips, legs, kidney and bladder infections, impotence, constipation, cold fingers and toes and an inability to want to care for your own needs and can cause anger, violence and negativity. A blockage will also hamper your ability to draw powers down from/into your other chakra's and into your life. This colour gives us courage and strength and an understanding and reason for being on earth. This colour pertains to our base needs (also called the base chakra) because it nourishes our basic needs and desires (sex, housing, ability to care for yourself and get food, exercise, and have a function in life.) A strong root chakra means that you will probably be known for your courageous pioneering spirit and leadership abilities. This colour helps you to have energy, helps blood flow, and can create a sense of cozy peace or rage or sexual tension so pick this colour carefully if you are using it in a room.

Below your navel is a large bright orange flower. This is the area of your younger self, your healing self, and your sexuality and ego.  If you are having problems with this area, you may feel an over or under active sex drive, you might find yourself always or never wanting to heal yourself, and you put yourself at risk for infections or diseases of this same area. This chakra is also responsible for your sexual organs. This chakra is the center of creativity and boundaries for yourself and others. If you have experienced unwanted sexual situations, you may have difficulties setting inappropriate boundaries. An imbalance in this area can cause testicular or ovarian cancer and pms. However, having your sacral chakra in balance will allow you to feel happy and confident, independent and social. This colour is very stimulating although society has made these issues taboo in many ways, making this colour hard to accept, and the chakra more difficult to deal with. You wouldn't want to use this colour in areas that might cause stress in say sleeping, but it is a marvellous colour for social events and mingling.

Above your navel, a beautiful bright yellow sunshine. Your center for will power and acceptance of your higher and lower selves. This energy center allows for the upward and downward movement of your Earth and Cosmos energy. This chakra is also responsible for how you see yourself, and how others see you, how confident you appear and feel about yourself. If you experience yourself being good humoured or vindictive, logical or problematic, self conscious or confident, you are experiencing your solar plexus chakra. This colour is very stimulating and can help with your studies and ability to get the job done, and empowerment.

The heart area, a green space with a beautiful rose garden, the center of self acceptance and self love and the ability to follow through with a love based existence, way of life and healing for yourself and others. Those with breast cancer or chest ailments have heart chakra's that are not in alignment. Breast cancer is an expression of denying self love. Allergies, asthma and your problems with your immune system also have to do with not realizing your beautiful self and accepting your self and the healing and love of the cosmos is not able to filter into your heart so that you feel self love and worth. If you have experienced trauma, it would be beneficial to reflect on the colour of green. If your chakra is aligned, you will experience self love, acceptance compassion for yourself and others and harmony. Green allows a balance of your higher and lower selves, and your higher and lower chakra's. This is the place for unity between your ego and your cosmic centers.

Your throat is a beautiful soft blue (or vibrant blue for some) the center for communication of all methods (writing, verbal, etc) inward and outward flowing. This chakra is also responsible for digestion and self expression, spiritual truth and purpose. Your throat chakra is probably out of alignment if you experience problems with your thyroid, anorexia, acceptance, ability to communicate your needs, tinnitus, sore throats and some chest ailments. If your chakra is in alignment you are trustworthy, tactful and peaceful. This is a colour that is very peaceful.

Your third eye, the projector of your holographic scene, the conductor of your entire network of nerves, glands, and cells. Some see this chakra as brown. I like to follow the colours of a rainbow and see this chakra naturally as indigo.  This chakra is "responsible and faithful", and allows you to see situations from a higher nature, rather compared to lower chakra's that help you see from the ego's perspective. This chakra helps you to be articulate, knowing and caring and devoted. This colour is useful for studying and quiet places or peaceful healing places.

Your crown chakra is the center of oneness within the universe. You are the contemplator sitting in space, while the universe  beams universal love and acceptance into your body, mind and spirit. From here your aura and chakra's take this love and apply it to each of the  other chakra's and each of their responsibilities in your energetic life and body.  This universal acceptance will reverberate through your entire being, and enable you to find passion, self love, and acceptance for your life and place in life and the tasks that you must accomplish in order to walk your own path in life. This chakra is responsible for self knowledge and spiritual awareness and this chakra's function is to create unity between your higher self, your higher consciousness and cosmic consciousness. If you are experiencing problems with depression, dementia or feelings of superiority, then this chakra is probably out of alignment. People with their crown chakra's in alignment usually love their jobs and excel at their jobs. You would use this colour to help you meditate on higher aspects of religion and spirituality and the unity and contemplation of "differences" and understanding a way to bring them together.

The Chakra Experience
With Chakra Healing, you are on the threshold of a new life! That's a good thing. With Chakra Healings, you will know what you need to do in this next cycle, and you will have the will power to implement it. Which means a death of your old self and a shedding of your old ways with a newly invigorated spirit and energy to accomplish your your new life's tasks.

Chakra therapy allows you to become a confident, caring, articulate and faithful leader with the ability to be courageous, social, giving and caring and instil in others and yourself a heart and cosmic love and acceptance.

Chakra Workshops     $125 includes snacks and drinks     Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
We will cover knowledge of each of the chakras with exercises to balance the chakra's in yourself and others, exercises to strengthen weak chakra's and develop the positive attributes associated with each chakra.

Also covered:
the 3 levels of being: physical, emotional and cosmic/spiritual self
Developing your true potential through chakra therapy

You will be very well looked after during your Colour/Chakra Therapy Workshops

Morning Session starts at 10 am, with tea, water, and snacks, introduction and expectations

The morning session of the Chakra Course includes discussion of:

areas of the body

organs and glands


physical attributes (negative and positive) associated with each chakra and area and psychology

Participants are welcome to ask questions and give input based on their own experiences.

Lunch Break 1 pm to 2 pm.

You are welcome to the selection of drinks provided.

Participants are free to go about their own way, or enjoy going out together for a lunch or stroll around the stores, parks, beaches, and Sea Wall.

For more about the location, please click on Location.html

Afternoon Session 2 pm to 6 pm
The Afternoon Session of the Chakra Course includes:

Massage and movements to open and close chakra's

Chakra Healing and Auric Healing

Sensing Chakra's

Aromatherapy for Chakra's

Group or individual massage and Chakra healings (completely voluntary)

Visualizations and Meditations

Time for discussion, questions and epiphanies

Certificates are handed out

Spirit welcoming back and goodbyes.

Some healing time is set aside for participants who may want a healing session with Sandy, especially if they are coming from out of town.