Sandra is a fully licensed  practitioner.

"Sandra, your healings are heavenly and uplifting."

About Sandra

What does Sandra have to offer?
Hopes, Goals and Expectations
Featured in: Waking up the West Coast Healers and Visionaries: by Jamie Kowal
University Education
Education as a Healer
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About the Company: Sage and Cedar

The Story of Sage and Cedar (long)
    The beginning
    Complimentary healing
    3 years ago

Where does the name Sage and Cedar come from and what does it mean?
    Sweet Grass
    Shamanic ceremony and asking for help

About the Company: Sport Shaman

The Story of Sport Shaman (long)

Other Info

About the background picture
Other company names I am known by

Hi everyone, I am focusing on what I believe is my spirits calling: offering healings and retreats for emerging and existing leaders.

I believe in creating legacy. What is your life's calling? Will you live up to your reason for existence and fulfill your role as a leader? Join me: Retreats.html

What do I (Sandra) have to offer?
I offer the ability to fill you with cosmic love and acceptance and your own spirit, so that everything you do, is an extension of your spirit.  Together we can heal you and melt the restrictions that have held you back for so long.

I offer the ability to acknowledge you, love you, and accept you on a spiritual level so that you to are able to accept and love yourself on the cellular and cosmic level.

I offer you the chance to be completely free to manifest life in a beautiful way which is fully nourishing to your spirit, soul and physical body.

I also offer a state of being in which you fully express your spirit.

It is in this regard that I am able to say to you: Namaste. The divine in me recognizes and accepts fully, the divine in you. Sandy

My hopes, goals and expectations. 
I find that I am able to treat others with respect, dignity, kindness and thoughtfulness when I implement better and regular sleeping, eating and exercising schedules so that I do not over act or over think.

My goal in life is to create a fulfilling, rich and beautiful life for myself and others around me, while caring for the environment in this goal statement.

Whether you are coming to me to be healed or learn how to heal or be a Shaman, I welcome you.

I wish you the very best in the new year and many years to come,

Waking up the West Coast Healers and Visionaries
I am very honoured to be selected by Jaime to be featured with an entire page in her much anticipated book. Waking Up The West Coast is graced by some very powerful people who seek to raise the energy level of the planet with the work that they do. Thank you Jaime for the beautiful work and inspiration.

Waking Up the West Coast has Won a Bronze Medal in the Independent Publishers Awards 2007 in the Inspirational/Spiritual category! This is a highly respected global competition with over 18 countries and 2100 entries received.

Waking Up the West Coast has also placed as a Finalist along with The Secret in the Inspirational/Motivational category in the 2007 Nautilus Book Awards.

This was a great accomplishment for Jaime, as she was up against some tough competition such as "The Secret."

If you would like to purchase a book from me: each book costs $39.95 and can be perused at my office. Please feel free to ask me about the book during your next visit.

To view my page, please click on this link: WakingUpTheWestCoast.html

University education

Diploma in Travel
Diploma in Arts and Science - Focus on Environmental Science and Business
Bachelor Degree in Geography
Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts (requirements fulfilled, no ceremony yet)
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

I have 10 years of post secondary education ranging in order of seriousness and importance:  environmental science, physical geography, ecology, and a post graduate diploma in business, and liberal arts studies in psychology, cultural geography and more.

Healing education
Approximately 13 years experience as an Intuitive Healer & Shaman including education.
Certified Reiki Master
Certified LaStone Massage Therapist

Professionally, I have dedicated my life to 13 years of voluntary services in the healing arts. This includes 10 years of complete dedication to spiritual study, ritual and voluntary healing for many people with diverse issues.

Other facts about me (Sandra):
1) I first learned of triathlon in 2000-2001. I woke up one day and decided that by the same time the following year I would do my first triathlon. I forgot about that idea until almost a year to the day when I came across a mirror that stated "what does a triathlete look like," and an application to do my "first triathlon". I completed “My First Triathlon” in Harrison Hot Springs, and enjoyed my time very much.

2) Cross country: I have cycled (on a mountain bike with very heavy panniers) from Vancouver, BC to California twice. When I was a teenager I enjoyed cycling long miles to far off beaches.

3) Previous professions before healing: I was employed for many years on a contract basis as executive assistant, office manager, and environmental assistant, with an effort to focus most employment on environmental causes.

4) Voluntary involvement is directed towards social, environmental and wildlife causes. I also actively donate to “The Wildlife Thriftstore,” which helps to rehabilitate wildlife in need and I volunteer for local activities such as Lees Trail Triathlon, and Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society. Last year I gave all of my Sport Shaman earning to environmental causes such as "Save the Caribou Habitat".

5) I believe that a Shaman must engage in social, political, and environmental causes for the benefit of the planet, environment, human and other living creatures.

6) I teach college level business and psychology.

About the Company: The Story of Sage and Cedar (long)

The beginning

I have always been a very sensitive kid, growing up. I always felt peoples pains, and I saw them crying in my mind. I endured other peoples’ misery as part of my own life. It wasn’t until 1995 that I became aware of how this pain was influencing my life, and how I was able to heal my friends, and strangers.

Complimentary healing
At first, friends would have dreams of me healing them, and I too would have dreams of healing my friends. They would call me up and tell me that they were finally healed of their pains, and they thought that I had something to do with this healing, even though they hadn’t seen me for over ten years. The fact that my friends were brave enough to tell me that this was happening, and I was having similar dreams about healing them, helped me to make the connection and understand that there is more going on then I had ever thought possible.

Healing and understanding how we/I can heal, became a quest for me, as did understanding how to relieve the pain that people felt, and remove the misery that I sometimes went through because of our interconnection.

I had always thought that a positive spirit was important to healing, but I had no idea how strong positive thinking could be in healing.

My story: 3 years ago - opening my very own clinic
Even though t had been working as an intuitive healer for many years since, I was still very shy and sensitive until 3 years ago. Until this time, I had healed mostly in secrecy. Until this time, I had worked very hard day and night almost every day for 10 years, and all of the healing were done for free.

About 3 years ago, I found myself with a new found confidence and I was ready to show myself to the world and share my  healings. My heart was telling me I needed to do more and expand my horizons and heal more people, and accept who I was and be very open about myself, my skills, and what I could do for others. With this new found confidence and the want to share my healings to the public at a much larger scale I opened my very first clinic.
My goal 3 years ago
My quest was to open a healing place for many healers to come together and share our own abilities, our knowledge, and to pass this on to others who would like to benefit from our shared experiences.


Out of my love to be active and outdoors and share my love of nature with others, I started offering nature walks and outdoor ceremonies for Mother Earth.

Present 2008
January 1, 2008. I have my new business license to be Mobile and outdoors. I look forward to these new opportunities with gusto.  My new space is growing with me, and I am very happy to invite those of you who will be benefitted by my presence and services.

Where does the name Sage and Cedar come from and what does it mean?
On my sacred healing journey, my very first mentor taught me the value of cleansing my sacred space. She taught me how to smudge* with Sage and Cedar and how to work with Sweet Grass and Tobacco.  My friend also stressed how important it was to always be thankful as I use each of these herbs, and to always work with these herbs in an honourable way, and handle them with respect.  I really liked this ritual and continue this practice 10 years later. I liked the feeling created by smudging Sage and Cedar so much that it has become a part of who I am, and what I have to offer.

Participants of my healings and workshops have enjoyed the sages ability to release stress and negativity and the lovely light-hearted sweetness that the Cedar leaves. I add rose to my mixture to signify love, and the essence of Neroli to help heal the spirit and let love shine.

*Smudging: By burning sage, cedar, bark, sweet grass and resins to create a smoke (or by using essential oils in water) you can create a sacred space around you, and cleanse your aura, energy, person and personal space.

Is used to produce a nice strong smell with thick smoke.  Sage is good for smudging ones aura and room – to banish negativity and evil spirits. Sage is very medicinal and you can immediately feel light-hearted as soon as you have cleansed (or start to cleanse with Sage).

Cedar (leaves)
A clean sweet smell is created when cedar leaves are burned. Cedar is used to make a pleasant environment for your helping spirits and clean the air while bringing in sweetness to your everyday life. The pleasant crackling of cedar helps draw attention to Spirit and spirits that an offering, healing and ceremony is going on.

Sweet Grass
A strand of sweet grass is taken from a braid of sweet grass. The sweet grass is used for calling and welcoming your ancestors and guides. Sweet Grass is said to be the hair of Mother Earth, its gentle flow reminds us of the gentleness of our Mother.

Is used to thank the spirits for attending, and for any help they may give you.  Take a little pinch in your hand and crumble it in the location of each of the four corners. Then throw a bit of the Tobacco up in the sky for Great Spirit, and crumble a bit where you stand for Mother Earth.

Opens your energy lines and clears them immediately, sending intense pulses through to your heart and the hearts of your loved ones and to Spirit.

I believe that time is not linear, and thoughts are powerful and that it is important to always be thankful and thank Spirit and the spirits before, during, and after a ceremony, for what you have been given and what you will receive. 

Ceremony and asking for help
A ceremonial act puts energy into action that may effect your present, future and your past.  Spirit and love have already provided for you, before you start your ceremony. This is so, because you have been brought to a place and time where you were ready to ask for help on this issue. Now that you have asked for help, help can be provided. As above, so below, manifest this way.

About the Company: The Story of Sport Shaman (long)

How was Sport Shamanism developed?
I was already practicing Shamanic Healing, and my clients where experiencing increased productivity at work and in sport, when I had a dream that included the symbolism of Turtle, the Black Jaguar, and a hockey player.  I was named “Sport Shaman”, in this dream, and promptly began learning how I could incorporate treatments to aid athletes in improving their training and race or game performance.
At first the Sport Shaman theme was new to me and the reasons that clients came to me were very different than what I had grown accustomed to.
Previous to this dream, my clients usually came to me because they wanted to improve in life on an emotional or spiritual level. My clients usually had a basic understanding of their energy systems and could feel my work and identify their improved state of being. My clients usually understood the root of their problems, or at least had some understanding that it was spiritual or emotional. My clients knew that they could count on me to help them immensely in overcoming their limits and they knew that they would experience improved self worth and a sense of belonging, and that they would experience healing of the mental, emotional, and physical body.
My new clients many not have necessarily worked with energy before and at first they reported a strong sensation in their bodies. They were usually unsure what this feeling meant and what to do with this new awareness. This was something that left me with a sense of needing to return to my studies and experiments in order to understand how I could actually help my new customers with my new found gifts.
Through dream work and practice this information soon came to me, and my clients started to take on this awareness as well. I soon found out that many of my athletes now had an understanding of their energy. This sort of idea was starting to become main stream culture and the basic level of understanding has improved dramatically. The bar for improvement has also been raised dramatically with these discoveries.
Yes, there were a few practitioners and some athletes who had previously incorporated this work into their routines. However, the level of awareness and practice now is becoming widely accepted and the field of awareness and abilities are growing.
With the teachings from this dream, Turtle, and the Black Jaguar, I am able to incorporate these new ideas with great benefit to my clients. I was always able to help athletes heal physically but now I am able to help them to even more dramatically improve their performance because of this mind, body, soul, spirit and emotional link.
Later, I discovered that the healing abilities I had fostered and my sensitivity that I had grown up with, would soon develop into a very powerful opportunity of understanding, improvement, and increased enjoyment for everyone involved, in a very powerful way

About the background picture
Most of my artwork comes from dreams and visions. I never really had a way to express these dreams and visions until I started working with webpage's. They allow me updates almost instantly, and afford me a little bit of artistic outlet. I was never trained to draw or paint and I really wish that I had developed this sense of ability. I learned other arts instead.

The background that I am writing on, is a picture of pink sage flowers representing beautiful soft tender healing and the ability to be fresh and a new. The larger leaf above is also sage, and allows me a sense of opening my hand up to the world and universe and a spreading of my wings.

Other company names I am known by
My long term name: Sage and Cedar Intuitive Healing and Shamanic Workshops has had variations depending on my location, spiritual growth, and who I am affiliated with.

Sage and Cedar Center for Intuitive Healing and Shamanic Workshops

and simply: Sage and Cedar Center for Healing

As well as:

The Sport Shaman Center for Excellence

Sport Shaman Center for Athletic Development. etc ... many other names have been out there.

All of these names represented the stage of development of my own personality and self and spirit.