Blessings, Clearing and Healings for
Home, Office, and Creative Endeavours
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Services are valuable for when you are:

Wanting a fresh start

Selling or buying a home or apartment

Starting a new business or creative enterprise

Moving into a new office or leaving a company

Changing energy from an office so that it is more productive and healthy

Wanting help to start or finish your work

To bless and spark creativity in your work or home life

Also good for new (and old) buildings, construction and renovations

These services are very helpful when:

There has been a lot of fighting, divorce, separation

A death in the family or the death of friend or loved one

You have had troubles starting or finishing projects

You need help de-cluttering your house or office or lifestyle

Things just haven’t worked out the way you have liked or planned

What to expect:

Each visit is usually 1 hour in length, based on the amount of time required for a 4-5 room home.

Each room will be smudged with Sage and Cedar.

Beautiful new and creative energy will be welcomed into your home, while old, heavy, emotional or cursed energy will be asked (made) to leave.

Your energy will also be cleared, new beautiful and beneficial energy will be brought into your life and body.

Rates - 3 packages to serve your needs

1 home, office or endeavour blessing - $125/hour

House or Work Blessing PLUS a Healing/Blessing for one person (yourself, a family or staff member, etc) - $350

House or Work Blessing PLUS a Healing/Blessing for two people (yourself, a family or staff member, etc) - $500

To arrange an appointment with Sandy, please
email or phone: 778-861-7243

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