Breakthrough Healings
Healing the Elements and Elemental Healing
Planetary & Cosmic Healing
Incorporating the different healing Modalities
working with the elements and other attributes such as colours and chakra's
Healing, meditating and working with the elements
Element, Colour, Angelic and Directional Attributes

picture of the five elements fire earth air water spirit

Breakthrough Healings
My first powerful experience with my own healing, was through visualization, colour, and chakra's. This allowed me to heal serious ailments/injury in an incredible amount of time with no lingering or serious complications. My doctor said it was "like an angel has healed you."

My second breakthrough healing ability came through healing and balancing the elements within myself. This lead me to understand aspects of myself, and it very much allowed me to free myself up from emotional baggage and hurt and feelings as well as other hurts that I let others to have placed on me.

Angelic work was my next big breakthrough, followed by Elemental workings (Elementals are Spirits of the Earth Elements).

It is through my own powerful experiences that I am able to bring my own type of healing to you.

Element and
Elemental healing, is almost microcosmic in nature in that it deals with the energies inside of you.

Planetary and Cosmic healing, is very macrocosmic in nature in that it deals with the energies that influence your nature.

Incorporating the different healing modalities
I incorporate all of these energies as well as your own physical, spiritual and emotional self into one well rounded healing modality which includes Holographic Healing. Along with my work ethic, my ability to see and connect with and harmonize these different parts of you in a very visual and empathic nature is what allows me to excel at my work and what distinguish me from many other healers.

Working with the elements and other attributes such as colours and chakra's
Although each persons healing is unique, and the visualizations that I get with each person is unique, I like to explore each of the above elements within each client that I work with. Many of our imbalances, weakness, illness, lack of confidence come because we have one of the elements, colours, chakras out of line or over or under developed in comparison to the rest. Therefore, most of my healing work with you will incorporate many aspects of working with your own elements through visualization, colour, and chakra clarification and balancing.

My goal is to make you happy, healthy, strong, and have exceptional knowledge of yourself. My aim when you leave me is that you are fulfilling your dreams, that you are working towards what makes you life comfortable, enjoyable, rewarding, and a path that is uniquely your own.

What happens when I work with your elements?
I will let you experience your elements fully and vividly in a manner that you can tolerate. What this does, is it allows you to develop a sense of each element. It also cleans each of the elements, sorts them into their own section of existence, and then we will bring each element back into existence in harmony and in a balanced way.

Healing, meditating and working with the elements allows you to:
· Harmonize yourself with each of the elements.
· Gain an understanding of the elements and elementals.
· Gain understanding of yourself, motives and restrictions.
· Find a calm center of being and inner strength
· Heal physically, mentally, emotionally
· Enjoy yourself and transform.
· Experience a great sense of rejuvenation and a return of passion.

The 5 Elements, Colour, Angelic and Directional Attributes
flaming fire element orange and red with black background Healing Power of Water Holographic Healing Rainbow dandilion air fluff earth flower in hands with lush dirt

 Fire        Water      Spirit         Air         Earth

Macrocosmic Father and Mother
Fire The Great Father, and Water the Great Mother - God and Goddess Energy - divine level

flaming fire element orange and red with black background

The Fire Within
Father - God - Creator
Arch Angel Michael
Protector, Blessings, Miracles, Fosters Mercy, Repentance, Truth Immortality and Love to Humans
Elemental - Salamanders
Warm and Dry

Healing Power of Water

The Healing Power of Water

Mother - Goddess - Creator
Arc Angel Gabriel
Angel of Mercy Vengeance Death Revelations
Elemental - Mermaids
Cool and Moist

Holographic Healing Rainbow

Spirit - The Reconciler - the 5th Element
Reconciles Heaven (Macrocosm) and Earth (Microcosm)
Reconciles Macrocosmic Feminine and Masculine and the Microcosmic Feminine and Masculine

Inhabitor of our physical bodies
Our piece of the Great Oneness
The Source of the 4 elements
Beyond Space and Time
Makes up all that exists on the physical plane (by brining down the cosmic plane into the physical)
Jesus, Budha...

Microcosmic Masculine and Feminine
Air (Father) and Earth Mother (God and Goddess energy manifest on the earthly level)

dandilion air fluff

Our Life Force Air
Healing our Spirit
Healer of the Cosmos
Arc Angel Raphael
Heals as God, Angel of Healing, Prayer, Love, Joy, Providence,
Light Science and Knowledge, also guide and protector for travellers and those on inner journeys, spring and rebirth
Elemental - Sylphs
Warm and Moist

earth flower in hands with lush dirt

The Healing Power of Earth
Earth is a combination of all the elements inside of you
Arc Angel Auriel
Elemental - Dwarfs
Cool and Dry

Elemental, Planetary, & Cosmic Healing