Holographic Healing Rainbow

The Holographic Healing Experience
We are made of energy and images of our mind.

With holographic healing, I will place you into a deep state of relaxation, clear your spirit of any negative images, feelings, and memories. This clears your mind of any previous or future illnesses, pain and trauma from the body, mind and spirit.  I will then re-pattern your holographic memory with healthy and happy images and energy. I will then energize you through empathic guided imagery, visualization and path working. I will also use healing techniques that sort, balance, and harmonize your elements, chakra's and other energetic bodies, including your spirit and your soul. I may also use crystals.

The deep state of relaxation soothes stress, allowing your body to be re-pattered at a cellular level. Your energy is then directed in a beneficial manner which heals, rejuvenates, empowers and uplifts your body, mind and spirit.