The connection between your Spirit, Soul and Creating a Beautiful Life

"I had a wonderful connection and healing session with this wonderful, amazing soul and spirit healer! "

How healing your spirit and soul can help you create a beautiful life
Heart manifestation
What healing your spirit and soul (elements and aura) can provide you with
The difference between the spirit and soul
What is Spirit Loss (Soul Loss)
Spirit Retrievals and Extractions

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How healing your spirit and soul can help you create a beautiful life
It is so easy to hang on to your identity, situations, and pain even when your body, mind and spirit are screaming for change, even if your world is falling apart.  When we struggle against what we don't like about our life or situation, there is a tendency to create more of what we don't like.

Spirit healing is about healing the rift created by others or ourselves in accepting our uniqueness (and similarities). Often when we heal ourselves, we find that there really wasn't anything to fear, that our lives can be so much more robust and healing and beautiful when we accept ourselves.

There is something special in realizing how truly beautiful we are. In this realization, we are able to let go of our pain and create abundantly beautiful lives.

Creating a sacred and safe place to manifest a beautiful, healthy and abundant life, is something that I would like to share with you.

When you ask for healing – ask from your heart. Know in your heart and mind and body that you have already received, and be thankful.  You have received the answers and received the gifts from your heart and mind before reaching out. This gift from the heart and spirit that you received, allowed you to reach out for healing.

This is known as manifesting from the heart.

Heart Manifestation
Heart energy is loving, accepting, understanding and acknowledging. The beautiful manifestation of the heart allows you and all others to be co-creators of a beautiful earth. Those who you interact with are freed to live out their destiny in full force and awareness. The planet that you interact with is healthy, nourishing, vital, and it returns to you this vital energy and connection. With heart manifestation, you and everyone else around you is able to thrive.

When you act with heart energy, your restrictions are melted, your worries can fall away because your heart protects you by creating a wonderful life for you. Have faith that your heart has the ability to bring you completely beautiful, healing and nourishing life.


My healing your spirit and soul (elements and aura) enables heart manifestation and:
Gives you the motivation needed to fulfil your desires and create a beautiful life for yourself and loved ones.
    Enables you with the ability to improve your life and take steps towards fulfilling yourself and these steps.
    Eliminates your own pain and burden as well as others so that you no longer have blockages in the way of your fulfillment
    Gives you the ability to recognize and accept that you are a divine being.
    Allows you to acknowledge and see the divine spirit in others.
    Allows your divine self to communicate with the divine self of others.
    Acknowledges in yourself the capacity to of full acceptance, love and understanding.
    Works with others to fulfill your upmost personal best.
    Motivates others to achieve their personal best.
    Works with others in beautiful harmony.

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A relaxed state of mind that is willing to accept beauty and new situations in your life, is essential to creating beautiful life.  I am able to help you to create this state of mind by providing:

Freedom from the day (or life's): burdens, hurt feelings, and physical pain
    Clear, knowledgeable and empathic visualization geared towards your unique situation
    Harmonization with your self, the heavens (source energy), cosmic love, and your potential
    Instant and ongoing manifestation of your beautiful life

With manifestation: As above So below.
What we create above with our thoughts, so we create in our realities. These thoughts create laws that we live by.

The ability to see and work with the spirit and soul (separate and combined) is one of my gifts.

What is the difference between the spirit and the soul?

The soul is like a battery that holds the energy of the spirit.

From my own experience the soul is mutable, it shape shifts in order to learn new ways of existence. The soul is like the energy of the body and contains our DNA. In this regard, our Soul is our ability to think, feel and forms our actions. The soul appears to me as a shape, that may have a certain translucency about it or a glow.

Spirit is the energy that inhabits the soul. Our spirit is a spark of both uniqueness and oneness.

The spirit is like the energy of your life, and is very mutable in form, it is like liquid light and can take the form of many colours and shapes.

There are similarities between our life path (our soul) and our energetic self that travels/journeys on this path (our spirit). Our soul being that shape shifting container that spirit embodies during its own spiritual quest to understand the intricacies and simplistic patterns of love, hate, tolerance and judgement, etc.

If you study the Tree of life, my vision fits nicely with my own conceptualization of the spirit and soul. The shape shifting soul containers are similar or equal to the sephiroth's. The energy of the spirit is like the energy that filters down from sephiroth to sephiroth which comes from source energy. This source energy is beyond the manifestation as well as God/Goddess energy. Source energy journeys down through God consciousness and the un-manifest into our crown chakra, down into our heart (Jesus/Buddha self) and then our creative and earthly selves.

Our spirit is empowered with the acceptance of source energy. Our soul is empowered by source energy, our spirit and the un-manifest as well as our thoughts and creative ideas.

The soul is emotional, creative, and shapes the physical body.

The physical body takes shape from the soul. The soul is like a packsack that we carry, full of our burdens, thoughts, worries, as well as our beautiful ideas and creativity. This backpack forms your physical self, by the weight that you carry. If you carry a heavy backpack full of dread, worry, disfigurement or dislike, your body will also take this form.

I heal the spirit, soul, aura and chakra's, which then heals the physical body, mind and your living environment and life. The mind is creative and is very powerful in its ability to heal the spirit. Both the spirit and the soul are good teachers in their own way.

What is Spirit Loss (also known as Soul Loss?)
I believe that all people have a spirit and that even if you do not believe that you do, you are worthy of redemption, healing, and love and you can get this part of you back if it is missing.

Spirit loss is a very natural part of life, so much so that I include this healing in everyone of my sessions. The spirit is a free to leave the body during times of illness, shock, trauma, or in an offer of love. For instance, if you saw that you were about to be in an accident, then your spirit may depart in order to minimize trauma, or it may depart during times of stress at work, or as a young child as your parents fought. This spirit loss forms the shape and has an impact on the souls creative, vitality and strength.

Your spirit may also depart to be with someone who has just died, or because you could not deal with the stress of someone dying. Your spirit may also leave because you have given it to someone as an act of love, for instance when your child went to school for the first time, or because you are in an relationship and feel that it is your duty to give of yourself to that person, on the soul or spirit level.

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What can you do about Spirit Loss (Soul Loss) - Spirit Extractions and Retrievals
* This is one of my specialties, it is so good for you, that I spend some time with this method during every session.

Spirit retrieval is necessary if you notice that you are fighting depression on a constant basis or feel that you are missing an intricate part of yourself, when you lack motivation, you procrastinate too much, or you are unable to face the day’s work because you lack will power.

You may also wish to retrieve bits of your spirit after a break up, after an illness, or loss of a job. These are all situations where the spirit has departed from your body, and you may wish to pursue the bits of your spirit in order to feel whole again, empowered with life, and to gain a sense of oneness with yourself and the universe.

You may simply want to undergo spirit retrieval because you know that you would like to obtain the peaces of your spirit as part of your life’s quest.

If you need help with retrieving your spirit lost in trauma, illness, loss or karma, I can help by returning your spirit. I will then connect you to cosmic love and acceptance so that you are able to flourish and accept your spirit in you fully so that everything you do and experience is an extension of your beautiful spirit.