Shaman Apprenticeship

Be healed
Find self-empowerment
Acquire a sense of identity and unity

"What can I do to serve you?"
I will be fully present with you in a very spiritual manner, and I will teach you what you most need from me each time that we make contact.

I see you as a complete person with incredible vision, abilities and leadership skills and it is my goal that with time and practice you become an experienced Healer, Shaman and Leader in your own way and capacity.

"What can I teach you?"
I will teach you what I know about personal success, and what has helped me to become personally successful and how to apply this in your own life as a shaman, healer, teacher and whatever else you will pursue. I will also teach you how to:

  • Work with sensitivities, your gifts, and Spirit.

  • Have a meaningful experience in life and work towards what is important to you, to stand up for what is important in your life, and to live a fulfilling, nourishing and well meaning life.

  • Manifest from your heart and center of spirit and not from a place of wanting, emptiness or need.

  • Achieve your personal optimal health and how to have a successful life full of meaning and beautiful meaningful experiences.

Scholarly definition of a Shaman
Shamans practice the traditional method of healing that exists in almost all cultures of the word.  Although the term comes from the Evenki - Tungusic language of Siberian Reindeer people, what comes to most people’s minds when they think of the word “Shaman” is the Native American medicine man/woman. The word Shaman refers to both the female and male, and the emphasis is on the first part of the word: Sha man.

A Shaman is able to transmit information from one consciousness to another.  Shamans act as an intermediary between the world of spirit and the world of matter for the sake of the community by maintaining a direct connection to the divine to engage in counselling and healing activities through the use of spirit allies, different states of consciousness and authentic union with nature.  Shamans are called by Spirit to restore balance, facilitate spiritual connection, communicate with spirits, and resolve crisis.

Shamanism and Leadership
A Shaman is cares deeply for the Earth and has a spiritualistic attitude that is shaped by a life lived by one who is touched and in contact with the forces of nature and the cosmos. This practice brings about a spiritual awakening followed by deep understanding brought through long work, which at some time in the person (shaman's) life, brings them to a point of leadership in their community. For a Shaman must indeed have a community in which they care for and be working with and interacting for their benefit.

Community interaction is strong in my definition of what makes a Shaman an actual Shaman, and very important. Community includes (for me) the Earth, the people (of both human and non human origin), the animals and all life, the Air, Fire and Water, the Cosmos, Heavens and Spirit (Great Spirit, our unique spirits, other spirits, and spirit helpers).

Shamanism will help you
Learning to become a Shaman will allow you to heal yourself and the community. Shamanism addresses, relieves, and heals the spiritual component of pain and disease, as well as trauma (emotional, physical and/or spiritual). A shamanic treatment can restore your sense of power and will. My shamanic workshops are not intended to replace your doctors advice and prescriptions, however many people do find that with their doctors approval, they are able to discontinue use of these medications after shamanic treatments. Through shamanic treatments, your body is able to undergo the miracle of self-healing. Your mind and spirit are powerful, live up to their potential and heal from within.

Click on the following titles to go to the course outlines:

Beginner (Shaman In Training)
Apprentice - Leader and Healer (In Training)
Advanced - Leader, Healer, Shaman

Healthy living means living in tune with your own self, your community, the world, and your environment.

Dance to the beat of your own heart (individual work)

Get in touch with yourself!
I will lead you through creative and intuitive visualizations and meditations, created specifically with you in mind.

Through this processes you will learn how to become more intuitive and in tune with your inner self, allowing you to become aware of what you require to live a happier, peaceful, calm life with greater self-esteem.

Creative visualization accelerates recovery from sickness and injury, aids you in fulfilling your dreams, helps to formulate a stronger sense of self and well-being, and will help you to connect with your inner guides.

Meditation will help you find connection between your health and the natural environment.

       Dance to the drumming of many hearts (group work)

Establish a sense of bonding and respect for yourself and others of like mind!
Leave with a feeling of well-being, calmness and a sense of community. 

       Dance within the ecstasy of your surroundings and creation (working with the environment and cosmos)

Take action!
Aid your community, the environment and your very existence. Love life thoroughly and completely. Learn to nurture yourself and your environment so that everything you experience is nourished. In return you are nourished and continuinly nourishing everything around you on a much deeper and beneficial level.

Beginner - Shaman In Training
Be alive and find your own personal healing - some of the concepts that will be covered include::

Introduction to the Vision Quest and Journeying.
Create a temple or place of worship in your astral realm
Learn about the different “Worlds”, the “World Tree”, Grounding, Shielding, Self Healing, Protection and Psychic Self Defence.
Power Animals play an important role in a Shaman’s life, acting as guardians, teachers, and guides in the spirit world.  Find out which animals are willing to work with you and learn how to communicate with your Power Animals.
Nature Walk: take a walk with me to the closest park, or a hike into the wilderness, where we will find a place to Talk with Trees (a meditation), and obtain Spirit Helpers (plant/animal).
Time to work with those plants that you have gathered. Find out how these Plant Helpers can help you during your spirit journeys and other life scenarios.
Learn simple but very effective astral healing techniques, including: Bio-Energy System , Chakra’s, OOBE (out of body experiences), body doubles, manifesting healing and loving energy, scanning yourself and others.
Work with the Elements and Elementals.

Apprentice - Leader and Healer in Training
Learn to discern -  some of the concepts that will be covered include:

Now that you are able to journey, vision, imagine, divine, tap into your own personal power with the help of your spirit helpers, teachers, and allies:
Learn how to discern and how to correctly identify the truth of what is being brought to you during intuitive moments, divination and visions.
Allow yourself to let go of your memory of who you were, be revitalized and reborn energetically, spiritually, and bodily.  Allow the layers of self to be sloughed away so that the new you can find healing so that an even greater self can be discovered.
Discover: Dreaming and healing, Dreaming and OOBE’s (out of body experience while dreaming), and how to traveling with your spirit helpers while dreaming.
Try out the different divination tools, and learn to use the right one for your own self, including but not limited to: tarot cards, spirit cards, shells, runes, pendulums, muscle testing.
Create pocket or necklace sized Runes discovered during meditation.  Types of runes include (but are not limited to): protection, strength, health, work, prosperity, and serenity.
Mask Making.  Delve into your hidden subconscious through the art of making and working with masks.
Work with your Chakras to Balance, and Heal yourself. The movement of energy helps to relieve pain.
Create a power Receptacle, where you can store sacred and private items.
Work with different colours, sounds, words and your own voice, as well as Intuitive drawing and writing.
Work with Crystals, Stones and other types of healing implants.

Advanced - Leader, Healer, Shaman
Now that you are alive, invigorated and empowered: learn to share your healing and empowerment with others. Topics covered include:

Shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, and integration
Death rites and re-birthing ceremonies
Become a psychopomp to help spirits be released from their karma, and enable them to cross over
Become your own Mythmaker
Teach others how to vision quest
Learn how to tie the spirit of the sick - - who are not yet ready to cross over - - to the physical world, strengthen their Will and empower their Spirit/Soul to regain health and well-being.

You will now be ready and have the understanding, acceptance and internal love needed to lead your community towards what is healthy and beneficial in a compassionate and powerful manner.

“Sandy is a very gifted intuitive and healer.  I recommend her highly.”

Erik Olesen, Psychotherapist and Author

This years 4 day Vision and Spirit Quest