Other Important Healings

Healing and Workshop for Children
Healing for Pets
Healing and Workshops our Earth and Environment
Healings and Workshops for Our Local and Global communities
Mindfulness and Oneness Healing and Workshops

Caring for your children, family, pets, the planet and our community (global and local) is rewarding and important, and is indeed a way of caring for ourselves.

Healing for Kids

Healing for Children
Intuitive Healing and Shamanic healing, Reiki, Jaguar Massage and LaStone Treatments.

Workshops for Children
Shamanic classes (for instance, how to cleanse your space, help with nightmares, sensitivities, and more)
Reiki workshops and certification

Healing and Massage for Pets

Healing for Pets
Intuitive Healing, Reiki and Jaguar Stone Massage.

Healing the Earth

For the Earth and Environment (including plants, trees, ecosystems), I offer the following healings and workshops

Intuitive and shamanic healings as well as elemental healing (spirit of the Earth) and working with elements (e.g. fire, earth, air, water, spirit), and Earth Ceremonies (working with the Goddess/Gods of Earth).

Divine Feminine Sandys Earth Goddess Gaia

Community and Global Healings and Workshops
For more info: Please see Pachamama Healings and Workshops:

mindful meditation

Mindfulness and Oneness Workshops and Healings
These workshops and healings help your spirit to live inside of yourself and act through you physical body, while allowing your physical realities to express your spirit and spiritual needs and desires.

It can be easy sometimes, to live by "ideals" or "realities", often living outside of our bodies in a spiritual ideal world or living the realities that lack spirituality. In both cases, our spirit and physical bodies can be worn out with the our daily demands put on us. We can windup with our lives out of balance because our physical and spiritual selves do not coexist with each other in harmony with our daily lives and "actual realities and ideals".

For those who are very spiritual and have troubles acting in the real world:
I can teach you how to live a peaceful existence in your body, filled with the delights of the spiritual world, and a way to act so that your "ideal and spiritual world" can become your "spiritual reality." 

For the hectic existence of the realist not in tune with their spirituality:
I offer the calm oneness that can be provided when you allow your spirit to enter into everything that you do in your life.

If you already that have a balance,
I offer courses that encourage you to live an even more mindful life where you are able to create an enriched world of Oneness for yourself and others, helping you to become a leader if you wish to be.