Heal, Revitalize and Transform
Shamanic Healing, Energy and Guided Visualization

With 15 years of healing experience, I have created my own powerful shamanic method of healing and journeying deeply rooted in tradition with an infusion of modern techniques to bring about beautiful transformation in your life.  Gain a direct relationship to spirit, recover from illness or injury, and heal at the spirit, soul, emotional and physical level. Working with your spirit, soul and heart energy, we bring about positive change in your life, the lives around you and with our Earth.

As a Shaman, I work with all levels, for instance the spirit, the soul, the physical body, the mental and emotional self, as well as the aura and place of residence and work, and connection to family, friends and the environment.

I connect you to your beauty, your spirit and cosmic oneness, so that everything you do, is an extension of your spirit. When your spirit sits inside of your body fully acting and aware and loved, everything you do shines with beauty and everyone you meet is met with heart energy.

Empowerment through Inner Vision
Shamanic Journeys
Ritual and Ceremony
Guided Visualizations
Sandra's Empathic Visualizations
Spirit Helpers
Dark Soul/Shadow Self
Spirit versus spirit

Empowerment through
Inner Vision
I invite fresh loving energy into your life. By working with your own spirit and guided imagination, you interact on a beautiful level, with friends, family, and the Earth. In your vision you may see spirits of nature such as rocks, trees and animals which offer knowledge to your unknown and return to you your personal power. You may come across ancestors that are able to heal your and bring about understanding in your life. This interaction creates understanding between yourself and the universe so that you can have a powerful and nourishing existence full of beauty and Oneness.
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Shamanic Journeys (aka Flight of the Soul)
- Have you ever wondered what it looked like on the astral plane, what it felt like to experience the tender (and sometimes powerful) touch of someone in spirit form?

- Have you ever wanted to obtain your power, speak to power animals, your spirit helpers, or a past relative or friend?

There are different depths that you can go into the journey. Some people are able to go into a trance while simply sitting in their chair and being aware of the world around them, while some enjoy stimulus such as the sound of a drum or rattle or complete silence and darkness, or fasting.

Shamanic journeys include a combination of ritual, ceremony, visualization, and energy movement. These journeys might also include meeting spirit guides, healers, symbols, working with you energy patterns and grids, and your chakra's, aura, and sacred space, travelling to your past, present and future to heal a situation or issue inside of yourself, uniting yourself with source energy, manifesting a beautiful life and bringing this new reality into your every day reality.

Ritual & Ceremony
Your brain associates combinations of symbolic gestures as representation of rituals. After practicing a combination of symbolic gestures  (your "ritual"), a few times you gain strength and abilities in this ritual/task. After working with these symbolic systems for a while you and the rituals both evolve. After a while you will only have to think about preparing to get ready or preparing your symbolic gestures (such as hand movements, music, lighting incense, prayers) (your symbolic ritual) and you are already ready for your shamanic journey and in essence it is almost like your ritual has already taken place.

This is why coming back for a second healing can be so powerful, because you are ready to accept the situation and fall into a state of deep healing almost automatically.

It is helpful to know that what ever you do during your travels in the spirit world, has ramifications in your waking/real world as well. For instance, if you were to bring or move a plant into your sacred space during your journey, this will usually represent something symbolic in your waking/physical world and will bring about change to your physical world.

reindeer journey

Guided Visualizations
Visualization is a very powerful healing tool.

A guided visualization is similar to a Shamanic Journey, in that you are going out of body, to connect with your spirit energy, cosmic influence and healing on all levels. You can also use this method to find a power animal, to complete a task or to find a power. However, a guided visualization can be more like a meditation as well. The soul responds very well to visualization and I have experienced rapid healing with my visualization techniques.

It is helpful to have an idea or reason for your journey, before you begin a guided visualization. This can sometimes be known as a script*. This script has a clear beginning, end, and the journey built in about what you will experience and accomplish and come across in your travels.  Each journey and each guided visualization is unique and touches upon the key elements you need to work on that day and hour, with benefits.

*As an empath and intuitive healer, I am able to feel and see you what you are experiencing as well as experiences what you are not yet aware of. This allows me to communicate with you, and guide you through the spirit world as your journey unfolds. This means that each guided visualization is unique for you and your specific quest. Because visualization is such a powerful healing tool, and each treatment is empathically guided for you, my healings are very powerful method of healing directed by your own uniqueness.

You can "travel" via Shamanic Journey or Guided Visualization to find and communicate with your spirit helpers, power animals, guides, totems and angels.
deer spirit

Spirit Helpers, Power Animals and Totems
Have you ever wanted to connect with you Spirit Helpers, Power Animals or Totem? The Shamanic Journey and Guided Visualization is an excellent way to accomplish this task.

Each of the spirit animals has their own abilities. I find in my own practice that a different spirit animal will come into my life when I am experiencing a new "power", to teach me how to "teach" or how to "study", how to act "calm", "run faster", "work with a crystal" or be more "telepathic" for instance. However, that doesn't mean that you need a whole alphabet of animals to help you. This especially makes sense if you think about each of the animals representing a part of you, but you are still you in your whole. Power animals can change into other animals as you grow spiritually, or they can change forms as you shape shift into other forms.

Which ever way you experience your spirit helpers, they will be there when you need them and understand your will. What ever restrictions you put on yourself and your animal is your own thing, so try not being so strict on what you are capable of and what you are not capable of. Just stick to your goodness and what you feel represents you fairly and honestly and what you can live with when you ascertain your abilities.

You may have one spirit animal that is more helpful or friendly to you and sticks with you your entire life. This spirit animal is known as your Totem or Power Animal. Some people have "clan" animals that is attributed to their clan, as a mass egregore compared to your own personal egregore.

Spirit Helpers Tiergeist (geist/ghost), Power Animals and Totems can be viewed as ghosts, your ego, alter ego's, of a spiritual nature. Some even view Spirit Animals as Angels, or Aliens. I do work with Angels. I don't tend to work specifically with Aliens even though Alien is another name for the "unknown" and I do work with the "unknown".

Like each of the animal spirit helpers, each of the angels have their own special skills and will help you in different ways. Some are known throughout time, where others may only be known to yourself.

Angel Healing

I talk a little about Arc Angels in "5-Elements.html". There are different "orders" and hierarchies of angels, each with their own colour, power and ability (abilities). Some of these angels are seen in some religions as fallen gods or goddesses from other cultures. Some people imagine angels and power animals to be the same in essence if not in appearance.

Shadow Self

Shadow Self/Dark Soul
Some people treat their Shadow Self badly, and blame it for all their faults and misunderstandings and short comings. My own first teacher tried several times to banish my Shadow Self, because she thought the Shadow Self was evil.

From my own workings, I have come to understand the Shadow Self as a global consciousness with a memory. This memory, has in place a mechanism so that you do not have to fall for the traps of your ancestors. It remembers atrocities like the holocaust so that they do not need to be repeated each generation.

From my own work, I have come to understand and see that the reason why we are having so many new atrocities, is because we have lost touch or the ability to communicate with our Shadow Self. I enjoy very much, working with the Shadow Self as it leads to very much insight regarding others, my own self, and the world.

Spirit versus spirit
In general, when I talk about "spirit" I am discussing your own personal spirit. When I use the capital S in Spirit, I am usually discussing the cosmic spirit (Holy Spirit). Please see Spirit and Soul for more on this topic.

On occasion, I do encounter spirits which are either 1) benevolent higher selves of loved ones, ancestors, guides who may or may not have passed on. 2) Spirit guides and helpers, 3) shells of either the deceased (or living) ego or younger self, or confused spirits. 3) others such as angelic, god/goddess, archetype, and 4) others.

If we come across a spirit during your work with me, we will ascertain if you wish to work with this spirit on a as need basis.

Not everything you come across needs to be understood or worked with. Some energies and spirits are just passing through, some get stuck in your aura (perhaps you felt them or thought of them as they entered your space and they became interested or attracted to your energy).

Before I work with you, I ask that only benevolent energies, people and spirits be a part of our working. However, if there is an energy of spirit or person that isn't healthy for you, we will work to heal this energy or dynamic so that it is healthy and nourishing for everyone involved.

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