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"Absolutely incredible!  I feel so much better!  What a gift Sandy has!  I thank you so very much."

Michelle Oct 13, 2008
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"Sandra is recognized for her advanced intuitive and shamanic healing abilities, distant healing, and profound knowledge."
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Sandy Healing With Smoke Dance 3 Create the best life possible for yourself.

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Intuitive and Shamanic Healings
  Creating a better life Create a beautiful life
from your center of spirit workshop.
FaithHealer  Awaken the Divine Within.
Integrate your sacred self with
Spirit and Soul Extractions and Retrievals.
  Vision Quest 4 Day Vision Quest
Find your truth and inner spirit
shaman things
Training for Sensitive People
Individual and Group Sessions available.
Heart Couple A Couples Workshop
Share your hearts, spirits, and paths and open up to the one you love.  Heal trauma, find a deeper love and trust.  All of the Chakra's will be explored, with an emphasis on creating a a beautiful heartfelt love life, a sacred, safe, and a loving space to open up to one another and to enjoy, explore, and share existence.
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